Science has always been a field which attracts many students, that are eager to cope with its craziness (and believe there is plenty of it). That is completely justified considering the breathtaking experiments and the mindblowing new theories that are being revealed every day. Here are some of the most weird science facts:

1. Oxygen gas is absolutely colourles. However, both liquid and solid oxygen appears to actually be blue.

weird science facts

2. Did you know that your body consists of enough carbon to produce graphite for up to 10.000 pencils?

weird science facts

3. The hardest substance that your body contains is your tooth enamel.
weird science facts

4. The atoms in a bucket of water are MORE than the number of buckets that would take to fill the Atlantic Ocean with.
weird science facts

5. Thank god for sending us lightning bolts, because as they strike they produce ozone that enhances the ozone layer.
weird science facts

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6. Your body also contains about 250g of NaCl which is actually salt.
weird science facts

7. There is an actual possibility of you being killed by drinking too much water.
weird science facts

8. No matter how closely you scrutinize the periodic table you will not find a single J in it.
weird science facts

9. Dry ice has, frankly, nothing to do with water. It is the solid form of CO 2.
weird science facts

10. It has been known that Li (Lithium) was used in a whole bunch of psychoactive drugs, prescribed to patients with mental illnesses, as it can alter the way you think and therefore somehow cure them.
weird science facts

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Here is an extra fact!

11. The rarest substance on Earth is said to be Astatine. There are only 28 grams of it. And yes it is radioactive.
weird science facts

Well, these sure were interesting. Science is crazy! And that’s why we love it.

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Written by Panagiotis Skylogiannis


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