Beijing’s Ren Ri isn’t just a talented artist who’s making a name for himself across the globe; he’s an eccentric beekeeper who loves to collaborate with bees to create incredible artworks made out of beeswax.

From entire world maps to intricate sculptures tucked inside clear boxes, Ren Ri claims to spend most of his waking hours with bees, cultivating their collaborative honeycomb artworks in what could only be described as a harmonious bond between humans and nature.

You can discover more of his beautiful work over on Facebook or, if you happen to be in Hong Kong this month – you’ll find an exhibition at the Pearl Lam Galleries until 12 April 2015. It’s also worth noting that no bees were harmed while making these incredible artworks of beeswax.

by Katy Cowan

Via ArtForum. All images courtesy of artist via Facebook
Source : creativeboom