Kasinova Tha Don

Who is Kasinova Tha Don ?

How old is Kasinova The Don ?

Whats Kasinova The Don real name ?

Is Kasinova Tha Don Tupac?


For the ones who looked into the info on Tupac faking his death (The deep studiers), know of a man named “Kasinova Tha Don” who sounds exactly like Tupac Shakur.

There are videos on Kasinova Tha Don, of people saying he is a cover for Tupac.

Interestingly, someone used a voice-software, and changed the volume up a pitch, which may prove it is Tupac, where Tupac would have been lowering the pitch to make it not seem “too” obvious that it is him.


Looking into the info on if it is true, it gets wildly exciting.

Kasinova Tha Don, claims to not be Tupac, but then on his facebook page…

He gives multiple clues.

Funny thing is… Kasinova Tha Don was discovered by an “Outlawz” member. A member from a group that Tupac created.



So Check one of his songs :

Also check this song which proof  that 2pac is alive and Kasinova is his cover man.

Kasinova goes on to give multiple clues on his facebook page, which I will list a few he has posted on here.

-Kasinova Tha Don: 2 0 1 4 . . . . . . . I’m coming for you, Get ready for the KTD takeover

-Kasinova Tha Don: 2 Souls, One Body . . . . . . .

(Why is he putting “7” dots in his “clues”: The 7 day theory)

-Kasinova Tha Don: Anyone in this world that’s ever been Successful in their field…Has had a “Mentor”… I still have my ‘M’entor… Find yours and take your game to another level…

(Someone immediately replied, and said: “M”entor = Makaveli Enter 2014.)


So why is he putting clues in his messages? Is he the real deal? This is up for you to decide, but want to know the biggest fact to top it off?

He has an album called “2face” that is going to be released in 2014, and on the cover, it shows him holding Tupac’s face. Hmm.. Does this mean he really is a cover while Tupac raps for him? Time will tell.

Do you think Tupac is going to come back?

Another message from Kasinova Tha Don: Its about to go down….fuck u if u aint with me …I salute you if u riding with me..die slow if u dissed me..and I’ll see u soon if u missed me…

Interview with Kasinova Tha Don:


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