10 Animals with superpowers


1. The mantis shrimp

This colorful little shrimp isn’t just pretty, he’s also pretty strong! He can deal a punch so shard, he’s known to break through aquarium glass. No wonder because his hit has the same strength as a gunshot! Not bad for such a little fella.



2. The Alpine ibex mountain goat.

Goats are good climbers, that is a well known fact, but for these goats there simply is no “too steep” They can climb walls and rockfaces almost vertical. Spiderman should take notes…



3. The Immortal Jellyfish.

The Turritopsis nutricula has the ability to fold in on itself when it reaches the end of his life, absorb itself and return to the polyp stage to start his life over again!

The Immortal Jellyfish


 4. The hairy frog.

This frog is also known as the Horror Frog, and for good reason. The “hair”are actual external gills full of arteries. And if that wasn’t scary enough, it can make it’s own retractable claws by breaking his toe-bones and jabbing them through his skin. A real life Wolverine!



5. The pistol shrimp.

Another shrimp, this one also has the power in it’s claws. Not by punching but by snapping it, shutting its claw so fast it makes the water around it boil and create a soundwave up to 218 decibel.







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