Although there are some amazing engineering projects, the top 10 biggest will take us all over the world. These projects are just astounding in scope and size, deserts to subzero temperatures.

1) International Space Station

scene composition: litho, frame 22

In cooperation with the Russian cosmonauts, American astronauts began work on a permanent space station in 1998. It has been in operation since 1 November 2000.

It is called the International Space station because fifteen nations take part in its programs. It has permanent accommodation for six, and short-term accommodation for up to fifteen when a space shuttle visits.
The International Space Station in orbit over the Earth

From the International Space Station (ISS), pieces of which were built in fifteen countries, scientists will conduct research and experiments that are impossible to conduct on Earth.

The purpose of the ISS is to make it possible for long term exploration of space and to allow research into how humans cope living and working off the planet. This research is needed for future human exploration of space. New materials and technology will be tested.

The International Space Station is the largest space project so far undertaken and is the biggest structure ever to orbit the Earth. It is a research facility 400km above the Earth jointly operated by the space agencies of 16 countries.







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