These are some pretty hauntingly beautiful places. Each one has its own eerie charm to it. Have you visited any? Which are on your bucket list?


1. The staircase to no place, Pismo Beach, California

2. The turquoise canal, Venice, Italy

3. Bermuda Triangle shipwrecks.

4. The Church in St. Etienne, France.

5. An abandoned movie theater in Detroit, Michigan.

6. This abandoned house in the woods.

7. The floating forest, Sydney, Australia

8. The overgrown palace, Poland

9. Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture, France

10. Bumper cars, Chernobyl, Ukraine

11. An abandoned jetty

12. Poveglia Island, Italy

This is the island Napoleon Bonaparte condemned people with the plague to live. It was also used to treat people with mental health issues.

13. Spreepark in Berlin, Germany

14. Chris McCandless’s bus, Stampede Trail, Alaska

15. An abandoned Victorian treehouse, Florida, USA.


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