Take a look at some of the most mysterious forests in the world. Why you should put them on your travel list?
They are magically amazing.

Forests draw many forms of life. From plants to insects and all kinds of other animals and humans too. Many photographers love to explore forests and especially the mysterious, haunted forest kind. Getting lost in such a forest is something you won’t mind. It’s beautiful from every angle.


1. The Moss Swamp In Romania

Image credits: Adrian Borda


2. Hallerbos, Belgium

Image credits: Kilian Schonberger


3. Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Image credits: Xiao Yang


4. Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic

Image credits: Jan Bainar


5. White Carpathians

Image credits: Janek Sedlar


6. Czech Republic

Image credits: Jan Machata



7. North Greenwich, London, England

Image credits: Andy Linden


8. Otzarreta Forest, Basque Country, Spain

Image credits: Javier de la Torre


9. Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taipingshan, Taiwan

Image credits: Justin Jones


10. Nagoya, Japan

Image credits: Yume Cyan


11. Stanton Moor, Peak District, Uk

Image credits: James Mills


12. Misty Forest

Image credits: SEO


13. Haute-loire, France

Image credits: Bastien Bajduk


14. Germany

Image credits: 


15. Italy

Image credits: 


16. The Sentinel

Image credits: Lisa Holloway


17. Crooked Forest, Poland

Image credits: Holy Walle


18. Bavaria, Germany

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