The belly rubs that we give to our pets are fun and adorable, but there’s more to it than that. When an animal presents its belly to you, it represents a sign of submissiveness or trust. Depending on your relationship with a dog, showing their tummy either means that they trust you and want a belly rub, or that they’re submitting to you (in which case you should approach them in a friendly but respectful manner). Cats usually show their bellies as a defensive gesture, so most will only tolerate a brief belly rub before attacking.

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#1 This Guy Loves Belly Rub

This Guy Loves Belly Rub

#2 She Fell Over With That Face The Moment I Started Rubbing Her Belly

#3 Baby Lamb Belly Rub

#4 Baby Fox Getting A Belly Rub

#5 Apparently, Any Cat Loves A Good Belly Rub

#6 The Face Of A Belly-rub In Progress

#7 Bart The Bear And His Trainer Doug Seus

#8 Shark Looks Like A Dog Enjoying A Belly Rub

#9 Fox Gets A Belly Rub

#10 Hedgehog Gets A Belly Rub

#11 One More Belly Rub May Result In A Hand Attack, But For Now, Simon Is Giving Out Hugs And Kisses

#12 My Dog’s Face Every Time I Rub Her Belly

#13 Pet Rat Loves Belly Rubs

#14 Sloth Getting A Belly Rub Like A Boss

#15 Douglas The Wombat Really Loves Belly Rubs

#16 Otter Gets A Luxurious Belly Rub

#17 Who Doesn’t Love A Good Belly Rub?

#18 My Cat Smiles Like Crazy When You Rub Her Belly

#19 Rolling In The Grass And Getting A Belly Rub Is Just Too Much – Look At This Smile

#20 Pixie Enjoying A Belly Rub

Pixie Enjoying A Belly Rub

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