Ophidiophobia or fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias around. Of course people have good reason to be worried by some of these slithering creatures. There are many snakes which can give a poisonous or even fatal bite. Yes the poor old serpent often gets a lot of bad press however we have found these 20 photos of cute little snakes which will make your heart melt. Check out the tiny serpent snuggled up in a soda bottle lid or how about that cool snake in the top hat? Just take a look at the following photos to see just how gorgeous tiny snakes can be, some of them even enjoy playing the guitar!


snake lotion


tiny black snake hand


top hat snake


turtleneck snake


tiny toothless snake


snake finger


snake head flowers


snake fly head


snake hatching


snake group


santa snake


quarter snake


open mouth snake fingers


orange snake hand


pale snake hat


minute snake fingers


big eye snake


curled up snake


gray yellow orange snake hand


guitar snake



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