32 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

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Most Beautiful Flowers In The World
Have you heard this saying – “Flowers are one of the sweetest gifts ever made by god & forgot to drop a soul in it”…?  Even though there are different types of flowers in the world, I am going to list you few best ones known for its beauty.
I will start listing the pictures of beautiful flowers in reverse chronological order, so that you will be curious to see, which occupied the top positions.
However, if you cannot wait to see, which flower has topped my list, just scroll down and find out.

Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Corpse Flower is scientifically called “Rafflesia arnoldii” & is found only in low-lying rainforests, which are scattered among different Indonesian islands. It is the world’s biggest flower too.


This beautiful flower is more popularly called Frangipani. It is native to Central America, Brazil and Caribbean. Plumeria has the ability to grow even in tropical & sub-tropical climates with very little water. If watered excess, root system may get rot and lack of water can easily dry it. Hence you need to handle it carefully. This flower has 4 different species

  • Plumeria Alba
  • Plumeria pudica
  • Plumeria obtuse
  • Plumeria rubra

Out of the above 4, “Plumeria Alba” has the sweetest smell. It has white leaves & a clear yellow center. Apart from its sweet smell, it is even edible & can be consumed as fritters whereas its wood can be utilized in making natural laxatives. The “Plumeria rubra” is different from other Plumeria species, which usually ranges between the colors red & pink.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

These red and pink miniatures has won my heart. So, no wonder they had to be on my list. This is one of the best pictures of beautiful flowers. These are called “Dianthus” and are like small wonders. These are native to Southern Europe & few Asian regions. It has over 300-species. The name “Dianthus” comes from 2 Greek words – Dios (means god) & Anthos (means flower). They are seen growing in clusters, each with a diameter of about 2-cm to 3-cm. They come in exclusive colors like pink, purple, red and even white.


When it comes down to the most beautiful flowers in the world, Magnolia often makes it up. There are over 200 species of Magnolia & is known to have existed since 95-million years. This flower is named after a popular French botanist named “Pierre Magnol”. It has a great fragrance and is a sign of femininity. Many women prefer even Magnolia perfumes.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Adorably called crysanths or mums, Chrysanthemum is been named after linking 2 Greek words — chyros (gold) & anthemon (flower). This wonderful flower belongs to Asterceae family & comes in varied shades like white, pink and yellow. These are native to Northeastern European and Asian countries. This intricate huge flower can grow about 50 to 150-cm long.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Doesn’t its blue petals look splendid? This is truly nature’s most beautiful flower in the world. It is called “Hydrangea”.  It comes from genus of over 70-flowering plants and is native to America, Eastern Asia and Southern Asia. You will be interested in reading the fact that “Faial Island” in Portugal was rechristened to “The Blue Island”, only because it had lot of Hydrangeas on it.

Hydrangea basically come in 2 types

  • Mophead
  • Lacecap

Lacecap = These kinds of hydrangeas are usually round

Mophead = These kinds of hydrangeas have flat heads, subdued by glorious similitude


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Beautiful flower pictures are endless but this particular one is special. This pretty flower is called “Water Lily”. As the name implies, this is an aquatic plant with white lily pads. You can see them in 3 varieties

  • Nelumbo = otherwise called Lotus
  • Nymphaeaceae = otherwise called common waterlily
  • Nuphar Lutea = otherwise called Yellow Water-Lily


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This beautiful flower has over 23000 species and has its name derived from a Greek legend – “Orchis (son of elf)”. Long ago, there was a day when he (Orchis) came to “Dionysus” festival. In his drunken condition, he raped temple’s priestess. As a punishment, the gods tore him but his father pleaded for mercy, where he was restored as this flower. These were originally known as Orchis but as generations passed, people started calling them “Orchids” for some reasons.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

If you are bored of seeing the same old images of flowers then this is something you need to look. The double shade and interesting pattern on its petal makes this flower unique. It not only features pretty blossoms but also has beautiful leaves. It comes in stunning colors and is been popular since Victorian times. If you have a garden, consider making it glorious by planting this one.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Yet another most beautiful flower in the world is none other than “Lily Of The Valley”. This flower is a delicate symbol of spring. They are often called “Lady’s Tears”, from its appearance. This is one of the prettiest I have ever seen.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Next on beautiful images of flowers is the “Black Eyes Susan”. This cheerful wildflower has an astonishing black color at its center with bright yellow petals all around. They are easy to recognize and if you are planning to decorate your garden with this one, there wouldn’t be a better pick.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This grows in high Rocky Mountains, which is about 14000-foot. These are very rarely seen flowers and even if you find it somewhere in the shop, you have to pay a high price for it.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

It seems that Lilies are trying to make most of my list of prettiest picture of flowers. This flower is so pretty that I had to make it up in my list. Even though Calla Lily is visually elegant and stunning but you will be shocked to know that it is one of the poisonous species of Zantedeschia. The entire part of this plant is highly toxic and even has the ability to kill! So, be aware.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Now it is time for one of the most unique and beautiful flower pictures. It is none other than “Black Petunia”. The horticulturists have recently developed this world’s exclusive flower. This is even called “Black Velvet” and they are quite commonly seen in London. It can be grown in containers, hanging baskets and borders during the months of summer as well as spring. A flower breeding company named “Ball Colegrave” developed it. Petunias never had black color before and this is the first time when world is going to see this ever-so-exclusive flower in black!


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

The first ever Begonia was introduced in England during the year 1777. This is one of the most popular flowers seen in US.


These amazing flowers are commonly known as “West Indian Jasmine”. These are frequently used in Hindu worships and Indian medicines.  It symbolizes passion and sexuality. It makes a perfect gift too.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

These wonderful, delicate and colorful miniatures are yet another most beautiful flowers in the world. They are seen in different colors like pink, yellow, white and its bush has the ability to grow very large. They are claimed to be butterfly’s magnets . The fascinating fact about this flower is that the petal color change as it ages.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Not only is this flower rare but also delightful. Ghost Orchids are plants, which were assumed to be wiped off 20-years ago. However, recently these were materialized again. This plant is very rare for the reason that it is nearly-impossible to propagate. These have no leaves & do not utilize photosynthesis for manufacturing its own food. But the interesting fact is that it can survive subversive for many years & are found only in forests of Cuba & Florida. This flower emits perfumed odors & blooms between months — June & August.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, as it has a striking delicate color. It blooms out during spring and its foliage dies completely just to bloom new leaves again during autumn rains.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This beautiful flower has thousands of species and is delicate yet perfectly formed. They certainly look magical.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This is also called “Cosmos Atrosanguineus” and is one of the rarest flower in the world. In fact, it is no more found on earth. This plant was once indigenous to multiple areas at Mexico. Nevertheless, this flower’s wild variations died out during 20th century.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Yet another flower that calls for the most beautiful flower in the world is none other than – Campion. It was originally considered extinct by “science community” during the year 1992. Happily, in the year 1994, a fortuitous event took place for some Campion enthusiasts, wherein a hiker, working through rugged & imposing Gibraltar cliffs, stumbled up on a Campion specimen. This was when the myth about Campion being rarest flower was altered. Above shown is one of the most beautiful pictures of this flower.

Top Ten Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Yet another glory onto my list of pictures of beautiful flowers in the world is “Kadupul Flower”. It is scientifically called Epiphyllum Oxypetalum.  It is not only on its verge of extinction but also highly expensive. Well, the reason for this flower being rare is different. This particular flower is found only in Sri Lankan forests and it blooms only at nighttime. This bloom is extremely rare & is clearly viewed under specific circumstances. As the process of blooming comes to an end, this flower withers (which is usually before dawn). And why this happens is still a mystery.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This is another most beautiful flower in the world and is named exactly to what it looks. During spring time, most European woods is seen densely covered with this flower. It is commonly referred to “bluebell woods”. It is said that romantic poets of 19th century named them. They usually symbolize regret and solitude.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Parrot’s Beak or Lotus Berthelotii is one of the most stunning additions on my list of most beautiful flowers in the world. With an extensive stalk and multiple flowers attached, these highlight a perfect beauty. Every flower in this stalk resembles parrot’s beak and thus the name. The petal colors are often in dark orange with red tints at its tips and a yellow base.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

I just love these natural hearts created by Mother Nature. These are so lovely that they had to make it onto my list of best beautiful pictures of flowers. They are exactly named as the way they appear — “Bleeding Heart” . This whimsical & almost fairy-like blossom would make your garden cheerful. You can see them in different colors like red, white and pink. They usually bloom between April and June.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Next, is none other than “Yellow & Purple Lady Slippers”. As far as the rare and unique offerings go, some flowers might match this. It is a member of orchid family and there is a weird & intriguing history associated with it. Originally these were found in Europe and UK. However, population shifts, environmental changes & weak adaptation forced this pretty flower to enter into extinction.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

This is one of the best beauties I have ever come across. I was literally stunned while downloading this one. So I thought of putting it onto my list of most beautiful flowers in the world. They are widely seen in Japan and have spectacular blossoms around. They arrive during spring season and come in white & light pink. Rather having them decorated in a vase, they are wonderful when seen on trees. Japan’s spring time is truly stunning. Its the time when these flowers bloom and is something you must experience once in your lifetime.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Located exclusively at Philippines, this is scientifically called Strongylodon Macrobotrys. This is not only one of the most beautiful flowers in the world but also a rare specimen too. It has a very delicate & fascinating characteristic. It is covered with claw-shaped petals, giving an exclusive look. This claw-shaped outcropping sprouts from hanging truss & can grow to 3-meters in length. The flower color varies between mint green & blue green.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Since it is about pictures of beautiful flowers, Dahlia can’t be missed. This pretty flower has a tell tale behind. During the year 1751, Carl Linnaeus’ most favorite student “Anders Dahl” died (in the age 38). This made Carl to do something for his student. So, he decided to  name this splendid Mexican flower after him as an honor. Thus, this formerly called “Asteraceae” was changed to “Dahlia”. Dahlias are usually huge with a diameter ranging from 12-inch-30cm to a shocking 6inch-8 ft. You can see them in exclusive shades other than the color blue. Its stem is delicate & thus requires extra support while blooming. It was declared Mexico’s national flower officially in the year 1963.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

You certainly might have seen tulips or even had them set as your desktop wallpapers. It belongs to “Liliaceae” family and there are known to be about 109 species. You can see them almost everywhere, especially at the mountains. They have the ability to reach a height between 4-inches & 28-inches. This flower is assumed to be originally coming from “Netherlands”. However, it was Ottoman Empire, who first had them commercialized.


Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

The most beautiful flower in the world is undoubtedly a “Rose”. Even if generations and generations pass, rose will persist as the prettiest. It is the sign of love and I don’t think no other flower could replace it. Whether it is a party, date, anniversary, wedding or dinner, people always prefer going with a bouquet of beautiful red roses. There is no other better gift than this.

Rose proudly boasts 2830 species and can be seen in varying shades like white, yellow, pink, red, orange and even green. It is native to Asia but some species are traced to be from North America, few European regions & Northwest Africa. They have an outstanding smell and are one of the oldest species cultivated. It is even used in making jams, marmalade, flavoring drinks and jelly. In addition – it is a great source of vitamin-C.

This was our list of
32 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World