Our coral reefs are dying, but forward-thinking eco-minded artists are helping nature by creating stunning life-sized sculptures . . . and then sinking them. Man has been creating artificial reefs for thousands of years, starting with the Ancient Persians who wanted a military advantage by blocking off an area of the sea. As mankind has evolved, so too have our artificial reefs. The most amazing consist not of our trash or out-dated ships, but of incredibly detailed sculptures created to be placed underwater and slowly but surely undergo a metamorphosis under the sea. While it may look like abandoned statues starting to decay, it is actually art being rebirthed into living, breathing reefs. If you haven’t had a chance to dive or snorkel such locations, then you are missing out. So here is a look at the eerily beautiful process of spectacular art, underwater sculptures, transforming into artificial reefs.

Silent evolution underwater sculpture

The Silent Evolution in Cancun after the passing of time, 2011

Christ of the Abyss, Florida Keys

Sunken Moai at Easter Island

Neptune Memorial Reef off Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida, memorial for cremated remains

underwater Buddha statue in Bali

Underwater sculpture, man-made coral reef in Dragon Bay, Grenada

Vicissitudes, a ring of 26 standing children standing while holding hands and facing outwards

Nature taking over the Vicissitudes underwater sculpture, an artificial reef in Grenada

Nature setting in, evolution of sculptures to reef night shots and sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor

Christ of the Abyss

The Lost City of Atlantis underwater sculpture collection at Cayman Brac

Banker sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor, part of the MUSA collection, installed at a depth of six meters

Inertia an underwater couch potato in Mexico

This phone is part of Silent Evolution at the MUSA underwater museum

MUSA Cancun underwater park, sculptures by Roberto Díaz Abraham

MUSA Cancun underwater park, sculptures by Karen Salinas Martínez

Silent scream from underwater sculpture park

Evolution of Silent Evolution sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor

The Silent Evolution - underwater sculpture off the coast of Cancun, Mexico

Silent Evolution process of sculpting of and by Jason deCaires Taylor

MUSA underwater statues in 2011

Little girl and Silent Evolution in 2011 at MUSA, Cancun Mexico

Jason deCaires Taylor's The Dream Collector underwater sculpture at the Cancun Underwater Museum

Arches and cremation burial plots at the Neptune Society Memorial reef

The gates of the Neptune Memorial Reef off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida

Neptune Memorial Reef where oldest living scuba diver in the Guinness World Records is interred

King Neptune sculpture at Playa Piskado, Curacao

Underwater Buddhist statue in Hawaii

The Lost Correspondent when in it was relatively new in the waters of Grenada

The Lost Correspondent after time and coral growth

Viccistudes underwater sculpture in 2011

Artificial reef from underwater statues in Grenada

Underwater statue in Grenada as seen in February 2013

Buddha statues at the Temple, underwater Bali

Reef Ball artificial reef with diver

Reef balls come in over 20 styles with varying sizes to rehabilitate a coral reef

Cayman Island bronze mermaid underwater sculpture Amphitrite is 9 feet tall and 600 pounds

Jason deCaires Taylor's Anthropocene, man and car in black and white, MUSA collection

The change from art to artificial reefs

Source : lovethesepics


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