Western men fancy women from other countries, especially those from Slavic states. This phenomena can be easily explained, as men often complain about western women being overly emancipated. A woman that is mainly concentrated on her career is hurting man’s ego. Although, the majority of men seem to accept feminism and mixed gender roles, some still believe in traditionalism. Man should work and woman should be a housewife.
Basically that attitude is what brings men to eastern european dating site.Slavic women are known to be less impacted by feminism. And western men believe that by marrying one of those girls, they will get their traditional families and their perfect housewives.
But there is one thing that western men often misunderstands when they are about to date a Slavic woman. Slavic women are different, and you need to know that if you don’t want to make mistakes when dating her. Moreover, men make mistakes even when chatting with girls.
Because Russian was the biggest part of the Soviet Union, as well as the biggest Slavic country, western men often consider all Slavic women to be Russian, or at least having the same treats as Russian girls. And that is the first major mistakes. You need to learn the differences to know what you are after, because applying belief to a wrong girl may lead you to finding yourself on the wrong track.
Russian girls remain the most popular target for western men, while Ukrainian girls hold the runner-up position. Let’s understand the differences between those girls.
Both Russian and Ukrainian girls are extremely beautiful, and that’s the only thing they have in common.
The differences start with upbringing. Russian girls go through the patriarchal upbringing, according to which man is the central figure of woman’s life. From the tender age Russian girl learn how to be a great cook and a perfect housewife. The family is the top-priority for a Russian woman, she will do everything to hold the family together.
Self-sacrifice is one the main traits of Russian culture, and in women it transformed into complete devotion to their men. So, Russian woman will do everything to please her husband. That’s why Russian women are known as phenomenal lovers, perfect housekeepers, and devoted mothers.
It’s no surprise that traditionalists who want obedient housewives are after Russian women. Moreover, it is not that hard to woo a Russian girl, because they are dissatisfied with their men, thus eager to marry a foreigner to fulfil their female role.
Everything mentioned above can be applied to Ukrainian women, but forget about obedient housewives and patriarchal upbringing. It doesn’t mean that Ukrainian girls are emancipated, but they go through matriarchal upbringing, where woman is the central figure of the family. They are family-oriented, but forget about being treated with respect only because you are a man. A Ukrainian woman will treat you with respect, only it you treat her with respect.
Moreover, you can’t win a Ukrainian girl by simply being a foreigner. Ukrainian girls are known for their patriotic feelings, and they are not as eager as Russian girls to leave their country. So, it must be the real love to make her leave her homeland for you.


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