Misplaced feelings seem to be one of the major problems in our volatile 21st century. Some of us face it numerous times. When we start dating someone, we rarely ask ourselves a question if this woman is exceedingly good. It comes into our mind only when some issues occur. How to not give your heart to a wrong person? What marks a healthy relationship? Actually, there are some signs by Ukrainian Brides that may help you understand if your girlfriend is exactly the  soulmate you need.


You are compatible

Being similar in all aspects does not necessarily mean that you match each other. It is wrong to make it the distinctive feature of a proper relationship. On the one hand, having conflicts because your areas of interest do not match is unpleasant. On the other hand, differing interests can also strengthen your connection. Compatibility means that you share true life values. This composes a harmonious couple, in which everyone understands and, probably, supports partner`s enthusiasms.

You communicate properly

Undoubtedly, this is the core thing in human relations. Can you two spend a lot of time together simply talking to each other with no regards to topics, subjects or other circumstances? Furthermore, are you able to enjoy the silence together? When you feel good with no word spoken, that is a real connection.

She shares your preferences in bed

Another significant part of being compatible is how you fit each other sexually. Here we come to a question of sharing preferences in bed. It is not only about you liking to put out in the morning and her wishing to make love at night. The matter is whether you can synchronize your libidos or not, whether you both fall for candles and roses or tend to appreciate kinks.

You trust her

What does it mean to really trust someone? Apparently, it is bigger than not expecting her to betray you or tell lies. The deep bond occurs when you can be just yourself around her and simultaneously feel safe, to put all the extra attributes away without fear that she will reject your true essence. Trust also implies being honest: if she is honest with you, it means that you treat each other equally.

Your relationship is full of mutual respect

Otherwise, you will not work it out. Committed partners are those who are ready to give their time and attention to each other. If your girlfriend does not ignore your needs, cares about how you feel and shows empathy, she is right for you. Just remember that you must pay her in return.

She is not jealous or greedy about you

If so, her self-esteem is adequate. A wise woman will leave some space for you to hang out with friends or take up hobbies. Every man wishes to find a self-confident and understanding lady, who would not require him to spend the entire day together or force him to participate in activities which do not amuse him. The right girl does not treat her boyfriend as a piece of property.

She clicks with your family and friends

One more factor to consider is whether your girlfriend is able to get along well with people who mean to you a lot. Yes, at the sweet early stages of your relationship it may not be the most critical thing, but in the course of time, it is supposed to become essential. Your loved ones are the huge part of your life and even personality, so your wife-to- be will have to spend much time in their company. And those activities must be exciting for everybody.

She makes you a better person

The right woman stimulates her man to develop in terms of both personality and profession. If she is a proactive girl attempting to enrich her inner world, you must learn from her example. Of course, this should be your own wish. Nothing good comes if we change under someone’s pressure.

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