These traditional Chinese Suomian noodles have been made in Nanshan Village for over 300 years, and supposedly there are only 300 people left in the world who know how to make them.

That’s because the process of making these  is a little bit more unique than making your typical noodles—it can sometimes look more like doing laundry or weaving tapestry than making food.

This portrait of a man who makes Suomian noodles is fascinating because you get to witness a master craftsman doing his thing. And that thing just happens to be a little bit quirky, because it involves stuff like hanging noodles outside like rope and tying them around two sticks 60 times. But still, he carries a certain amount of respect for the work that only years and years experience can teach (he’s been making these for over 30 years), and it’s a joy to see.

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