CEO of BBVA Bank: Blockchain ‘Is Immature and Has Major Challenges’

The CEO of Spain’s second largest bank said that blockchain is still an immature technology, but that once it has developed, it will be crucial to their business. Carlos Torres, CEO of Spanish bank BBVA, said blockchain technology is “not mature” and faces major challenges, el Economista reported June 18. Torres expressed his concerns about…

Crypto Exchange Bithumb Halts Services Amid $31 Million Hack

Bithumb, one of the largest crypto exchanges in South Korea by trading volume, confirmed a hack of $31 million worth of cryptos on its platform today. Source: / Author: Wolfie Zhao

$800 Million ICON’s Token Swap to Take Place Within 24 Hours

ICON is gearing up for its token swap which will see its ERC20 tokens exchanged for mainnet ICX coins. Source: / Author: Taryana Odayar

Breaking News: Bithumb Hacked For $30 Million In Cryptocurrencies, Market Drops

Bithumb, one of the largest exchanges in Asia, just broke the news that it has been hacked, with the hackers reportedly stealing over $30 million worth of cryptocurrencies. Bithumb Wallet Change Backfires At 12:49 UTC on June 19th, Bithumb announced that they would be temporarily suspending deposits due to a change in wallets with their exchange…

SEC Oversee Ripple Investors’ Interests and Endorsement Important: Ripple (XRP) Technical Analysis (June 20, 2018)

While the crypto market is in a general bear slide, Ripple is amongst the top performers in the last 24 hours. To quantify, Ripple is up three percent rejecting sellers’ attempt to drive prices towards 40 cents which double ups as Q2 and April lows. 40 cents is basically a key support line in our…

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