Rare Animal Babies You’ve Never Seen Before – Even if you’re an animal lover, you probably meet only a fraction of all the 1,367,555 non-insect species identified on Earth. But don’t let this fact sadden you, think about all the interesting creatures you are yet to discover! We have introduced some of them in the past, but only their adult form.

From from a fluffy Southern Pudu fawn to a playful Baby Takin, these Rare Animal Babies will produce some “awwws” you haven’t experienced before.



37 Rare Animal Babies You’ve Never Seen Before Gallery

#1 Baby Fennec Fox

Source: Ahmed Elkadirii,In Cherl Kim

#2 Baby Axolotl

#3 Baby Pangolin

Source: Firdia LisnawatiKermitTheSnail

#4 Baby Quoll

Source: YoureNotAGenius

#5 Baby Tapir

Source: Amiee Stubbs / Nashville Zoo

#6 Baby Elephant Shrew

Source: Black Zack, Manchestereveningnews

#7 Southern Pudu Fawn

Source: Wcs

#8 Fluffy Honduran White Bat Baby

Source: James Storer, Hernani Oliveira

#9 Baby Sugarglider

Source: Loopdeloops

#10 African Bat-Eared Foxes


#11 Baby Dik-Dik

Source: Barcroft Animals

#12 Baby Okapi

Source: Brookfield Zoo

#13 Baby Tarsier

Source: Maragtas75

#14 Echidna Puggle

Source: Battlesmurf,Justin Benson-Cooper/Newspix/Rex Features

#15 Baby Gundi

Source: Joachim S. Müller

#16 Patagonian Mara Babies

Source: Artis Royal Zoo

#17 Baby Armadillo

Source: Cynthia

#18 Baby White-Nosed Coati

Source: Alea Christine

#19 Chacoan Peccary Baby

Source: Depositphotosalgar

#20 Baby Sunda Colugo

Source: Hendy Lie

#21 Baby Aardvark

Source: Andrew Bowden

#22 African Wild Dog Puppy

Source: Travel4wildlife.com

#23 Baby Bongo

Source: Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo,Gareth Fuller

#24 Baby Aye-Aye / RIJA /

Source: David Haring Photography, David Haring

#25 Gerenuk Calf

Source: Tyler Corder, Mike Wilson

#26 Baby Mouse Deer

Source: Chester Zoo, Chester Zoo

#27 Sumatran Rhino Baby

Source: AP, Susie Ellis/International Rhino Foundation

#28 Baby Takin

Source: San Diego Zoo

#29 Baby Bactrian Camel

Source: Mark Dumont

#30 Greater Bilby Baby

Source: ABC Gold Coast, Damien Larkins, Perth Zoo

#31 Baby Civet

Source: Duci86

#32 Baby Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Source: Cliff

#33 Baby Sifaka

Source: The Maryland Zoo

#34 Baby African Bat

Source: Michael Curran and Mirjam Kopp

#35 Saiga Baby

Source: Rich Reading, babyanimalzoo.com/

#36 Babirusa Babies

Source: Ion Moe/sandiegozoo, http://animals.sandiegozoo.org/

#37 Baby Proboscis Monkey

Source: Phaterry Phaterry, Petr Bambousek


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