How to Keep a Second Date From Failing


Hundreds of articles have been written about how to organize the first date and keep it from failing. But the second date has no less importance, and sometimes it can even be decisive. Let’s talk about the key elements of the second date and what you should do not to fail.

Stage one. Asking a girl out again

The first question to be solved is when to ask your new companion to meet again? Unofficial rules say that one should wait for two or five days before doing it. Even if the first date went great, try to add a bit of intrigue, so the girl wondered whether you call her again or not. If you start calling her the next day, you risk looking too predictable and intrusive. Or a girl might think that you are desperate.

A big mistake: waiting more than two weeks. At best, your companion may decide that you’re married. At worst, she might think that she’s just a reserve option for you.

Stage two. Place for a date

A perfect place for the second date doesn’t exist. Obviously, everything depends on the girl’s preferences. On the other hand, it’s better to avoid too romantic and secluded places.

Surely you’ve heard about the fact that girls love guys who surprise them. It’s true. So if you have an interesting idea, like going to a shooting gallery or a botanical garden, why not? Perhaps the girl herself mentioned an interesting place she would like to visit. In this case, you’ll get a couple of extra points for attentiveness, because you really listened to her on the first date.

It’s even better to take the girl to a place where the staff knows you. Why tell about your good traits, let others do it for you. For example, it would be awesome if a bartender at a pub treated you with a cocktail on the house. Women often notice such things.

But never, ever invite a girl to your place on the second date. Whatever reason you find to get her into your apartment, she will definitely think that you’re presumptuous and your invitation is nothing more than an attempt to get her in bed.

Stage three. Establishing a contact

No matter how unobvious it may seem to you, the second date is usually not for something intimate, but for establishing a trusting relationship. Besides, it’s not the first time you see each other, so you have a chance to learn a thing or two about the girl. Some ladies, in their turn, may begin asking you about the details of your past relationships and affairs. Others will try to check how closely you listened to them on the first date.

In other words, the evening will probably be fun. On the other hand, if during the first date you were the one who had to talk a lot, now you can start asking questions. The thing is that the more a girl talks about herself, the more she believes that she knows you well. That’s why don’t hesitate to find out a couple of interesting details about her life.

It’s also a good idea to establish tactile contact. Start with simple and harmless gestures, for example, help your companion to take off her coat, take her hand when crossing the road, etc. Pay attention to her reaction: if the girl avoids your touches, going to the next level is risky.

Asking, but not listening is a mistake. If you think that the best way to communicate with a girl is to start asking questions, constantly interrupting her, then please, don’t think that. Nobody likes narcissistic guys.

Stage four. First kiss

It’s the kiss that tells the girl whether to continue the relationship with you or not. The first kiss should be light and short. If everything goes well, and you felt that the girl liked the kiss, show her that you enjoyed it, too.

Just don’t ask if you can kiss her. Leave such questions for soap operas. In real life, you may just seem pathetic. Besides, what will you do if the girl says no?

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