OMG! Haha , Check this unlucky Prankster… A man’s car is always one of his most prized possessions, and this prankster learns a tough lesson about what can happen when you lay hands on someone’s vehicle. Roman Atwood, known for his intense prank videos on YouTube, brings another video showing some really scary reactions to some pretty ridiculous stunts. This time is no different, as Roman plans to steal gas from other people’s vehicle, or at least make them think that’s what he is doing.

With the end of a gas-pump handle, a hose full of water, and a bucket, Roman is hell bent on causing some mischief in the form of making it look like he is siphoning gas out of unsuspecting vehicles. Roman’s guts to try to pull such a rouse is enviable, but the situations he gets himself as you’ll see are definitely not favorable. The reactions in this video are crazy, but how will they feel when they find out it is a joke?

As the video progresses, we learn that it is no joke when it comes to a car. Giving the man no time to even explain himself, we see our weary prankster in some pretty rough situations. From getting trapped in an arm bar, to having to run from a group jumping, this fool learns a thing or two about not touching what isn’t his. Having to quit after too many negative reactions, we never get to see a true reveal to the prank, as everyone is way too angry with Roman to give him a chance. Watch this man almost get his head torn off, and see some great restraint from some angry vehicle owners in this clip below.

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