“Tony’s special day”

Peeking above the lacy bodice of a white wedding gown is a smattering of curly chest hairs; above that, the beaming, glowing face of Tony Abbott as the bride of Tony Abbott.

It’s the latest mural from Australian street artist Scottie Marsh, which is getting its final touches on a massive wall in Redfern today.

Tom Tilley popped down to see Scott in action.

“I’m putting a little bit of lippy and eye shadow on the bride,” Scott told Hack.

“I think a nice bouquet of Australian natives would be Tony’s choice on his special day, so that’s what I’ve gone with.”

Scott started painting the mural over the weekend, and says he was inspired to make a statement about same-sex marriage after former Prime Minister Tony Abbott urged Australians to “protect the family” with their vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

“When Tony Abbott released that video promoting the No vote, you could almost hear the whole country going, ‘What the f**k’.

“I was hoping to find a wall in Manly to do [the mural] in his electorate. But unfortunately that was a lot harder to find. A lot of people generously offered up walls but they were a bit too small to do anything that had a bigger impact.

“So I’m here in Redfern, it’s been an awesome couple of days painting. I’ve been getting great responses from people, especially yesterday – I was just listening to people laugh and screech all day.



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