Creating humanized animal characters is hard work, but when those characters become famous, reimagining them as humans is just as difficult, if not more so.


Plenty of artists have tried their hand at giving human faces to popular animal characters and while many have made quite believable humans, just as many have fallen short of the general idea.

What makes the humanization’s of 24-year old animator Pugletto so different is that they are not Caucasian like most.

By following the location and origin of the story she gives the characters that much more realism and credibility, making her art that much more impressive.

  1. Lady And The Tramp 


2. Duchess and Thomas O’Malley From Aristocats

Duchess and Thomas O'Malley Aristocats

3. Mowgli, Baloo And Bagheera From Jungle Book


4. Shere Khan And Kaa From Jungle Book

Shere Khan

5.  Baloo And Bagheera From Jungle Book


6. Jenna and Balto From Balto

Jenna and Balto Balto

7. Elsa From Frozen


8.  Kovo From Lion King 2

Kovo Lion King 2

9.The Hienas From The Lion King


10. Simba From The Lion King


11. Timon And Pumba From the Lion King


12. Nala, Zazu And Simba

Nala, Zazu And Simba

13. The Whole Cast Of Lion King


14. Scar From The Lion King

pugletto-cast-scar-2The animal characters carry the magic of these cartoons, but these human versions aren’t half bad, either.

Source : explosion