The Tattoo Art Of Jun Cha Is Absolutely Incredible!

Apr 8, 2015Tattoos



Tattooing is has quickly become an almost mainstream form of expression today, but to rising Los Angeles artist Jun Cha, there’s more to the ink that graces his clients’ skin. It’s a form of expression and a look into their story. So, when you come to him for a piece, the Korean tattooer looks for more than “I want a hot chick on my arm.” It’s his unique approach and skilled hand that has drawn in countless clients – he’s fully booked for months at a time – as well as a few celebrities. If you’re up on your hip-hop news, you may recall seeing a tattoo hip-hop mogul Jermaine Dupri got last year on his rib cage, depicting his then-girlfriend Janet Jackson as the Virgin Mary. Well, that was Jun’s work … and get this: he’s just 21 years old.

Jun Cha is young man, but he’s like a seasoned vet who has been drawing and creating art from his early years. Despite having a God-given talent, it wasn’t until he got into some major trouble – which he doesn’t elaborate on – to steer him on the straight and narrow, and fully focus on his craft. That, coupled with some words of advice from L.A. tattoo legend Mister Cartoon, gave Jun some direction. He eventually enrolled in the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena — where he’ll be graduating this year — and sought after some talented tattooing legends to earn his chops. While he’s learned from a few different ink slingers over the years, he credits veteran Jose Lopez for being his “greatest mentor and savior”. Lopez, the owner of Orange County-based Lowrider Tattoo Studios, took the young artist under his wing and showed him the ropes.

Today, Jun is an artist on the rise and if you follow his work, the leaps he’s made in his skills are astounding. While he still works closely with Lopez and Lowrider Tattoos, Jun has launched his own private studio, named Arudima, where he not only tattoos client,s but also keeps his feet wet as a designer, painter and illustrator.