No matter what kind of games you like to play, it looks like more fun when destruction and chaos rules the earth. Everyone from Us had favorite weapons that wanted to have for real!

Siege Tankmaxresdefault

When it comes for destruction tanks are always touching our hearts and what tank can be compared with the Siege Tank? The massive damage that it can make in siege mode makes you feel that ‘you have the power’.




Doom really is one of the most brutal games of all time, and so are the weapons in it. If you have bad expectations about the future then this is something that you want not to be sci-fi at that time.


Orbital Ion Cannonorbital_ion_cannon_by_alexiuss-d4rh0xf

For one, the cold war generated some of the most bizarre and advanced weapon systems humans ever made. Now imagine this piece of history with different development like in ‘Command & Conquer’, and you have new meaning for the word ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction :)’!


Plasma CannonPlasmaCanon

Who doesn’t want their hands on weapon that is out of this world? Another great multiplayer FPS from my childhood made me dream for one of those. AVP is a game that gives you all kind of weapons, whether your character is  a human or some space creature. And there it was, as a part of the Predator equipment, the weapon all sci-fi fans always wanted, the self-aiming plasma gun. Now, that is an alien technology with great design!



Serious Sam was always for those seeking serious action game. I mean seriously, watch out evil and scary alien creatures, because this machine gun is not just looks heavy!


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