This is the type of pistol we could see a James Bond villain using (a hint to filmmakers of the new Bond movie “Skyfall”). The AF2011-A1“Second Century” incorporates the legendaryJohn Browning M1911 design in both look and function.


The Italian manufacturer, Arsenal Firearms, states that the pistol will remain both ergonomic and easy to fire for anyone who can handle a regular 1911 pistol.

A little bit of background info on the company: formed by a firearm designer Nicola Bandini and gun miniature master Dimitry Streshinskiy (Russia). Arsenal owns a popular shotgun companyZanotti 1625, which has a pretty remarkable history of creating fine-crafted shotguns for well over 400 years.

crazy pistol

Although this isn’t the first attempt at a double barrel pistol design, Arsenal claims that they will be the first to produce the pistols for the public – in the 1990’s a Swiss armorer Vivian Muellerproduced a double-barreled 9mm Sig P220 firearm using two stock weapons, custom fabrication, milling and a ton of custom made parts.

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Arsenal claims that instead of tooling existing 1911 pistols they have reverse engineered the 1911 pistol using 3-D software to create new and improved parts.

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Manufacturer also offers many customizable options when ordering the pistol; for example, the buyer has a choice to go with a single or double trigger system. The only discouraging part about the whole deal is the weight. It weights in at 4.07 pounds (1.85kg !!!) which is about the weight of a light assault rifle.

2011 pistol

Maintenance of this pistol can be performed by a regular gun smith that has knowledge of how to service a standard 1911 pistol.

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The pistol is said to come in two different caliber options, the standard .45 APC and the .38 Super Auto. See full pistol specifications.

Pistol In Action :

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