Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (March 8, 1992) as all we know from his Youtube Challenge VitalyzdTv , is a Russian-American Internet Comedian .Vitaly currently resides in Southern California, and moved to the U.S when he was 17 years old. Zdorovetskiy, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady are starring in the film “Natural Born Pranksters”.

He is known for his public prank videos, which he uploads to his YouTube account. As of February 15, 2015, his main channel videos have garnered more than 912 million views and over 7.972.000 subscribers, while his vlog channel garnered more than 73 million views and over 1.183.000 subscribers.
I think that is one of the best Youtubers in the world , and the ”King of Pranks”01eafe36

Before his ”Youtube Life” , Vitaly attempted to become a professional skateboarder at an early age and produced his first videos featuring himself and his friends performing skateboarding tricks in order to attract sponsors. However, due to injuries sustained while skateboarding he was forced to give up this career path.Just shortly after turning 18, Zdorovetskiy took part in a porn clip for the adult entertainment company Bang Bros in 2011 he thrived at the job and made lots of money.

Check one of his best pranks in my opinion …
In this prank Vitaly tricked this quaint little town, including the local news channels, into believing that there is bigfoot in their small town!!!

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