(Short Video) The Power of Ideas by Jason Silva

“Im interested in the kinds of ideas that dissolve boundaries, that remind us of what is possible, that encourage us to think differently – to probe at the ‘adjacent possible.’ There’s a great line that says ‘once a mind is stretched by a new idea, it will never return to its original position’… [Powerful ideas] are inceptions… they transform us from within. And now, all of us are are broadcasters, programers. We don’t just passively take in, we produce and publish, and so it’s up to us to get the kind of ideas out into the world that will spread memetically and will collectively upgrade mankind. It’s our responsibility as the co-authors of the meme-space to tell great stories, to enliven the imagination, to stretch our brains beyond the ‘cognitive Kansas.’ This should be our anthem. This is our responsibility.” Jason Silva


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