Famous statues serve as monuments to unique and amazing moments in time. The Statue of Liberty, Christ the Redeemer, the Great Sphinx…the list goes on and on. These statues here, though, would never join that list. These are odd, others are head-scratching and all are just pure bizarre.

Warning: A couple might be NSFW, so proceed with caution.

Switzerland: Scaring Swiss babies since Lord knows when.
Spain: So this is where Santa’s coal comes from.
Helsinki: One fountain no one wants to go under.
Norway: The ‘I Never Wanted Kids’ statue.
Germany: ‘Doh!’
Iceland: The country’s unique ‘Got Milk?’ campaign.
China: Deer nursing on woman. We don’t get it either.
London: No children will run through this creepy fountain.
Massachusetts: The ‘I Couldn’t Find a Sheep’ statue.
Prague: Climb the ladder and take a peek inside.
Germany: Lactating women in the city center.
Phillipines: We don’t even want to know what this man is doing…
Italy: The ‘I said hold the fries!’ statue.
Abu Dhabi: Spider camel.
South Korea: Part of the ‘consider proctology as a career’ campaign.
California: Everything’s funner on an alligator statue.
United Kingdom: Naked, pregnant, half-skinned woman. Welcome, tourist!
Singapore: How does it levitate?
Prague: Sword crossing in town square.
Kiev: Teaching kids to pee on playgrounds since birth.
Belgium: Why are their heads up each other’s bum?
South Korea: Spiderman really, really likes climbing buildings.
Netherlands: What is Santa holding?
Washington: The ‘It Came From the Sea’ statue.
Chicago: Tuna fountain.
Cuba: Woman with fork rides a rooster. Makes sense.
Singapore: The ‘How’d I Get Here?’ statue.
Asia: $1 million for this yoga statue. About $999,000 too much.
New York: Ouch! Poor alligator.