People have been recreating Grand Theft Auto in ‘real life’ for years now, but the guys over at Corridor Digital might just have topped all of them.


Their attempt is currently taking the internet by storm, racking up over 3 million views in a day and frankly, after taking a look at it, it’s little wonder.


gta web


The camera work and angles used, not to mention the voice-overs and locations that mirror the actual game are spot on and we think that it is certainly one of the best imitations that has been made.


Fans of the game are so keen for GTA 6 to hit the shelves that they have even forced makers Rockstar into breaking their silence on the release date, and if Ryan Gosling will be the main protagonist in it.

The game developers have only released sparse details, including the fact that a ‘whole new level of gangster’ will be involved with the makers claiming they have ’45 years of ideas of what we want to do.’

The game will apparently leave behind the confines of Los Santos and Blaine County – and could even venture into New York or Chicago, with London rumoured to feature.

Source: UniLad

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