1. Island of the Dolls

The perfect mix of thrills and curiosity, this grim, weird, hair-raising freaky place is a one of a kind tourist attraction. This small island lies not far from Mexico City, bearing quite a load of forbidding and ghastly dolls hanging all over trees and buildings, and sitting on dark corners and nooks.


The first doll originated from Don Julian Santana, a man who found a little girl who drowned floating in a canal, followed by a doll floating adrift. He hung the doll in reverence to the girl’s spirit. Then he hung one more doll, then put another in place, kept on until he got obsessed and got crazy, adding more and more anywhere he could, day or night. Then one day, he is found dead. He mysteriously ends up drowning in the same canal. His family turned the island into a tourist spot where many have reportedly seen and experienced unnatural appearances and events.


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