Way Too Transparent Animals Which Are Hard To Believe That Actually Exist

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Transparent animals are hard to see, especially these, so you have to look closely in order to see them.

But why so many of them are sea-dwelling beings? The answer lies behind their self-preservation. Ocean animals that are not protected by teeth, toxins, speed or small size have some degree of transparency.

Check out our list with the most transparent animals in the wolrd

1.The glasswinged butterfly (Greta Oto)

transparent animals

Glasswinged butterfly is a brush-footed one.  The butterfly owes its transparency from the combination of:

a) low absorption of the visible light by the material composing its wings

b) low distraction of the light passing through the wings,  and

c) low reflexion of the light hitting the wings surface.

2.Juveline Sharpear Enope Squid

transparent animals

Its other name is Ancistrocheirus  lesueurii. It is covered with polka dots (which are patterns consisting of an array of filled large in size circles) of pigment-filled cells, and beneath its eyes are bioluminescent organs. They are found all over the tropical and subtropical oceans, at depths between 200-1000 metres.

3.Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish

transparent animals

The may be found in a extensive area of waters along with those round New Zealand. They grow up to 30cm or 12 inches long and are very popular aquarium fish. Also, they are the same species of fish as Dory from the animation film Finding Nemo!

4.Translucent Pharaoh Ants

transparent animals

These ants catched my eye immediately when I saw them. The pharaoh ant or Monomorium pharaonis is a very small (really small, 2mm) yellow or light brown, roughly transparent and infamous for being a major indoor inconvenient pests. Its origins are not known to the mankind, but is has been popularized to every area of the world, as long as Europe, South and North America, Australasia and the Southeast Asia.

5.European Eel

transparent animals

This kind of transparent animal changes its colors several times during their lives. At first, they are transparent, then, on their sides and belly they turn into brownish-yellow. After 5-20 years in fresh or salty water the eels become sexually mature. Their eyes grow larger, their flanks become silver, and their bellies white in color. In this stage of their lives they are known as “silver eels”.

6.Transparent Immortal Jellyfish

transparent nimals

Immortal jellyfish ore Turritopsis dohrnii, is a race of small, biologically immortal jellyfish, which are found in the waters of Japan and in the Mediterranean. They are capable of reverting absolutely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after having reached sexual maturity as a solitary individual.

7.Glass Catfish

transparent animals

Also known as Kryptopterus bicirrhis, is an Asian glass catfish. It reaches size up to 15cm or 5.9 inches length and most of its body is not clearly transparent (obvious only around the head). Its body is mostly opaque and light greyish, When it dies it turns milky white.

8.Snail with translucent shell

transparent animalstransparent animals

This species are found at a depth of 980 metres by Dr. Alexander Weigand in the Lukima Jama-Trojama, one of the deepest cave systems in Croatia and are called Zospeum Tholussum.

9.Ice Fish

transparent animals

Antarctic Icefish live in 10m or 32 ft beneath the surface of the Southern Ocean, where temperatures are hovering around -2 ℃ or 28,4 F and it seems that they are made of the ice they swim beneath. They are well-adapted ot the freezing waters that they even have an antifreeze glycoprotein in their bllod and body fluids to stop ice crystals to form.

10.Sea Anemone

transparent animals

Sea anemones are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria. Most are from 1,8 to 3 cm (0,71 to 1,18 inches) in diameter. They can be as small as 4mm (0,16 inches) or as large as 2m (6,6ft). They can have from a few tens to a few hundred tentacles.

And we have added to extra transparent animals, just for you, because we love you 🙂

11.Sea Salps

transparent animals

Sea Salps are barrel-shaped, planktonic tunicate. They move by contracting and pumping water straight to its jelled body. Salp jet propulsion is one of the most efficient in the animal kingdom. The salp lines the pumped water via its inner filters, feeding on phytoplankton.

12.Clear Slug

transparent animals

Clear slug or Gaeotis flavolineata is a gastropod whose bright green shell has emerged to become too small for it to reverse into fully – making it something in betwix a land snail and a slug.

As we can see there are many transparent animals, some are way too transparent, others have something unique, but you decide which one is the best, comment below and tell us which was your favourite of this transparent animals. 🙂

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