Many of Barca’s Fan, no, all of the people who watched the Champions Leagues final had one thing to figure out?  Why did Pique took the NET?

Nobody thought it was a gift.

Nobody thought it was a gift.

Quite frankly telling, Pique has become a bit of stick recently.
In context of MIRROR, That’s what happens if you:
1. You have a glory of being part of a team who won three biggest titles this season and
If you think Pique’s recent action is just not quite right, well, maybe he listened to you. Thing is this recent “take-the-net-down” (it sounds sexier if you visualize), actually is a job-well-done. It makes him a good and decent player and personality.

Thierry Henry actually explained on Sky Sports that the big Barcelona center-back is some type of weirdo who collects the nets from big games? Wonder what he has taken from all the games he played and won. Well, it turns out he is not a weirdo or a freak who collects souvenirs from his game.

Simple as that. He missed his friend’s wedding and thought to recalibrate with some souvenir. It’s not like you get a Champion League final’s match net everyday.


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