Top10 “Who Wore It Better” That Will Burst You Into Tears

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Who wore it better? The highlighter or the teacher? The girl with the dress or Simpson? Undertaker or Beyonce? Тhe woman or the monster… (oh wait, they are actually the same :D)? Lady Gaga or…?

It’s up to you to decide “Who wore it better”, because here are the BEST Top10 pictures and some extra more, just for you.

Some are so unique and genius that you will definitely say “WOW” and some, that will make you cry because of laughing way tooooooooo hard.

So take a sit, make some popcorn and enjoy this funny Top10 of “Who Wore It Better” 🙂

10. 10/10 for the lamp on the right

9.-Oh theres an empty sit…
-What the hell are you doing boy, why you are sitting on me..??

8. I see what you did there… (Nice t-shirt by the way 😛 )

7. Day:523434673906734650797549…
They still haven’t noticed me.

6. I see what you did there… 😛

5. Beyonce FTW

4. 10/10 for the cat!!!

3. That’s really cool!

2. Mrs. Highlighter.. oh sorry, teacher..

1. Sooo…? What the… ooooohh I see… it took me some time to understand what’s going on 😀

And here are some bonus pictures of the Top10 “Who Wore It Better”, especially for you! 🙂

Because… its called “fashion”

10/10 for the haircut.. oh wait..that’s.. that’s a cat 😀

Hmmm ma’am, you’ve got something on your back… (slowly fades out)

Comment below, which one is your favorite.

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