Singapore: Gov’t Owned CrimsonLogic Launches Global Cross-Border Blockchain Platform

A Singapore blockchain platform is targeting the Southeast Asian and China regions, designed to boost the efficiency of its trade corridors. Singapore e-government service provider CrimsonLogic has unveiled its cross-border blockchain network for global trade, according to a July 18 press release. Dubbed the Open Trade Blockchain (OTB), the platform is principally designed to boost…

Ethereum’s Most Heated Tech Debate Is Proving It’s Far From Over

A resurgence of debate surrounding fund recovery on the ethereum network shows the topic is still as divisive as ever. Source: / Author: Rachel Rose O'Leary

Vietnam Inches Closer to Suspending Imports of Cryptocurrency Miners

The country's central bank has agreed to a proposed suspension of cryptocurrency miner imports, a local new source reported on Thursday. Source: / Author: Wolfie Zhao

Malta Stock Exchange to Develop Two New Platforms for Security Tokens

The Malta Stock Exchange has separately announced today that MSX, the innovation, digital and fintech arm of the group, will be developing two new platforms for listing and trading security tokens. Neufund is developed in partnership with Binance, and OKMSX in collaboration with Okex. Also Read: No Insider Trading, Market Manipulation and Misleading Ads –…

Crypto Market Leaders Call For Twitter to Ban ‘Scam Bots’

Crypto scam bots have become a common sight in the Twitter landscape, with many premier cryptocurrency personalities seeing an influx of fraudulent accounts commenting on their posts. This has become such a large problem that well-known cryptocurrency figures, like Binance’s CEO and Charlie Shrem, have signed an “open letter” calling for these scams to end. What…

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