10 Facts You Don’t Know About Dreams


1. There is a science dedicated to the study of dreams: the study of dreams is known as Oneirology, this is the science of dreams.

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2. Dream Interpretation has been around for a long, long time: the practice of dream interpretation had been in swing for thousands of years.

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3. Everyone tends to dream about the same things: it is like everyone thinks that they dream something different but the fact is most peopledreams the same things.

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4. And yes, pretty most everyone dreams about sex: it is a type of fantasy and pleasure so dreaming of it is so normal.

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5. Dreams can be a sad, scary place: psychologists have proven that majority of the dreams contains similar thematic elements.


6. Not everyone dreams in color: a research has showed that majority of people actually used to dream in black and white.

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7. People trying to kick a smoking habit tend to experience more vivid dreams: it has seen that people who has dropped the smoking habit experiences rough dreams.

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8. Your motor neurons cease to be stimulated during REM sleep, leaving you paralyzed: this is the condition where your body reaches in the stage of full relaxation.

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9. Several other species experience complex brain activity during sleep: many things and activities during sleep are associated with brain and many animals also experience this.

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10. Our understanding of dreams remains very limited.

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