science combat gifs

  • Pixel Art animations made for a new game called Science Combat for Superinteressante magazine.
    There are 8 playable scientists plus one final boss. Each character has 6 basic attacks and 2 special attacks.
    The idea of the game is to make a link between the “powers” of each character and his or her discoveries and inventions.
    Copyright of all images: Superinteressante magazine, Editora Abril.


The game is being developed by this amazing team at Superinteressante Magazine:

Original Idea, texts and executive production: Fred Di Giacomo and Otavio Cohen.

Game design, art and animations: Diego Sanches.
Programming: Cheny Schmeling, Murillo Lopes and André Cabral.
Art Direction: Abraão Corazza.
Interface: Daniel Ito and Juliana Moreira.
Soundtrack and Sound FX: Juliana Moreira.
Text Edition: Karin Hueck.


[important]You can now play the game HERE! [/important]